september 14, 2018 - Excess Catamarans

EXCESS at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018

The world is changing, generations of sailors follow one another, their dreams evolve, but our job has always been to accompany them. Groupe Bénéteau, the world leader in recreational boating, is delighted to announce they are launching a new brand of catamarans. The cruising catamaran sector is doing extremely well, the group is firmly implanted with LAGOON, a leader in its field. However, we are convinced that there is room for more innovation, to launch a brand capable of appealing to new generations of sea enthusiasts, based on different criteria.


Setting sail today is the fulfilment of other desires, new approaches. Sailors now sail in many ways. Catamarans follow this trend more than ever: a 360° sea experience. #EXCESS embodies this vision and meets the new demands of aesthetics and simplicity, reflecting an active and spontaneous lifestyle trend of city dwellers searching for escape and outdoor sports.