july 24, 2018 - Guggenheim Bilbao

Shadow Play, featuring two works by the New York–based artist Javier Téllez

Javier Téllez: Shadow Play

Dates: July 12–November 18

Curator: Manuel Cirauqui

Film & Video Gallery (103)

From July 12–November 18, 2018, the #guggenheimmuseumbilbao presents Shadow Play, featuring two works by the New York–based artist #javiertellez, a key figure in video and film-based practice in the art of recent decades. This is the second exhibition in 2018 in the Film & Video Gallery, a space at the #guggenheimmuseumbilbao entirely devoted to key works of video art, video installation, and the moving image as an artistic language.

The work of #javiertellez (b. 1969, Valencia, Venezuela) investigates the history of the moving image—its icons, social norms, and specific relational forms—while it systematically tackles institutional dynamics, disability, and mental illness as states of marginalization and cultural invisibility. Individuals living on the edges of the social and rational canon thus critically take part in the production, writing, and performance of Téllez’s films and installations, as it is the case of the two works presented at the #guggenheimmuseumbilbao. Both Bourbaki Panorama and Shadow Play—from which the exhibition borrows its title—are the result of a collaboration with refugees seeking asylum in Switzerland, and were produced for the Kusthaus Zurich in 2014.