april 16, 2018

Surfaces from the Antipodes

According to Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, curators of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition, the gifts of nature - light, air, force of gravity - and materials - natural and artificial resources - present architecture with some of its biggest opportunities.

Cleaf's mission has always been to find the best covering solutions for furniture and #interiordesign, and today it is taking advantage of the Biennale Architettura 2018 and its theme Freespace, to spotlight the materiality of its surfaces.

From 16 to 22 April, in the courtyards of Palazzo del Senato in Milan, home to Milan's State Archive, #cleaf is presenting the project-installation Surfaces from the Antipodes, designed in conjunction with Bestetti Associati and Studiopepe.
Visitors move through four cubic architectures to discover a glimpse of four diametrically opposed environments – glacier, desert, forest, city – highlighting the capacity of #cleaf surfaces to replicate the tactile and visual sensations of the materials in it – ice, rock, sand, wood, cement, metal – using existing technological innovations.

The majesty of the glacier is recreated with a 3D architectural membrane developed using the innovative Wood-Skin® technology, the colours of the desert from dawn to dusk with a series of superimposed layers framing a moving light source, the abundance of the forest with the projection of several layers of vegetation, and the multiple facets of the city with a series of videos hidden inside skyscrapers.

The new textures are three: Alpaca, which reproduces the silky effect of the precious natural fiber once used for the clothing of the Inca emperors; Duna, which features reliefs of medium-sized granules such as sandstone and Mosaico, a twine of square elements that recalls the leather.

Cleaf's Surfaces from the Antipodes is also on show at the CCube, the company's showroom in Lissone, which provides a more complete interpretation of the collection. The light and airy rooms occupy 700 sqm of floorspace on four levels to provide: a site specific installation in the central area, a series of abstract compositions on the walls of the four main rooms and four exposition platforms on the two basement floors.

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