march 16, 2018 - Guggenheim Bilbao

'Esther Ferrer. Intertwined Spaces' at Guggenheim Bilbao

The exhibition shows nine previously unseen installations by one of the Spanish pioneers of performance art, a genre she defines as the art which combines time and space with the presence of an audience that participates in the action.

 Above all, Esther Ferrer values the spectator’s freedom, so she offers questions rather than conclusions, enabling interpretations to be generated autonomously by each viewer.

 Many of the installations in the exhibition reflect on a fundamental aspect of Ferrer’s career: the construction of space.

 In The Laughs of the World (Las risas del mundo), the organic, natural and ephemeral sound of the laugh becomes an artistic object by expanding in time and space, leaving the order of its reproduction in the hands of the spectator and giving rise to spontaneous concerts of laughter.

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao presents Esther Ferrer. Intertwined Spaces, an exhibition made up almost entirely of previously unseen installations by one of the leading practitioners of performance art in Spain. In keeping with Esther Ferrer’s work and thought, two of the eleven works that make up this show will be specially activated through performances by the artist or the interaction of the public.

Esther Ferrer. Intertwined Spaces

• Dates: March 16–June 10, 2018
• Curator: Petra Joos

Guggenheim Bilbao