january 11, 2018 - CAMERA

L’occhio magico di CARLO MOLLINO. Fotografie 1934-1973

The exhibition crosses the whole photographic production of #carlomollino, in a journey of over 500 images taken from the Turin Polytechnic Archive.

Among the most famous and celebrated architects of the twentieth century, #carlomollino has always reserved a privileged role for photography, using it both as an expressive means and as a fundamental tool for documenting and filing his work and his daily life. This exhibition, the largest and most complete ever made on the topic, investigates the relationship between Mollino and photography, highlighting the uniqueness and recurring features, from his first architectural shots made in the thirties to the Polaroids of his last years, placing him within the history of the discipline.

18 January - 13 May 2018

Torino, CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia

L’occhio magico di #carlomollino. Fotografie 1934-1973

Curated by Francesco Zanot

CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la #fotografia
Via delle Rosine 18, 10123 – #torino
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