december 21, 2017 - Sega

SEGA - The Party Gets Bigger in a New The Alliance Alive Character Trailer!

You’ve already met some of the characters that can join your party in our previous trailers, today we’re going to introduce three more who could help you in  The Alliance Alive . First up, we have Gene, a signimancer (special type of mage) with the Signimancy Guild. He tends to look at the big picture and avoids acting emotionally. He is valued by the Daemons for his knowledge and eloquence. Next, we have Rachel, a mercenary employed by the Signimancy Guild. She’s the opposite of Gene where she has a fiery temperament and acts as soon as an idea pops into her head. She often argues with Gene because of their contrasting viewpoints. Though they argue, Gene and Rachel do set their views aside to help each other out. Finally, we have Tiggy, A young girl researching the global threat called the “Dark Current.” She calls herself “The Genius Professor” and has created various inventions. Don’t let the outside appearance of her inventions fool you, they may look like silly animals but they can fight monsters like the best of them.

Watch Gene, Rachel, and Tiggy in action in the new trailer below: