november 21, 2017 - Museo MADRE

Per_formare una collezione: The Show Must Go_ON

Friday October 13th 2017, 7.00 pm, two projects – Per_formare una collezione: The Show Must Go_ON (“Per_forming a collection: The Show Must Go_ON”) and Per_formare una collezione: Per un archivio dell'arte in Campania (“Per_forming a collection: For an Art Archive in Campania”) will be presented at MADRE Museum. Together, they represent the further, articulated chapter of the project – launched in 2013 and organised in various intermediate chapters - devoted by MADRE to the gradual formation of the permanent collection. This chapter also confirms the main directions in which the MADRE collection has been heading in the last five years: on the one hand, the collection tells the story of avant-garde culture, with specific reference to what has happened in Naples and Campania over the last fifty years - illustrating their role as historical crossroads of the cutting edge research in every field of experimentation, from visual arts to theatre, cinema, architecture, music and literature while, on the other hand, it explores the present and offers a hypothetical vision of the future, through the inclusion of artists that have responded with new works and commissions to this history. Rather than being organised in chronological order, or by following historicised lines of research or groupings, the itinerary is arranged according to a critical-cum-thematic arrangement so that the works and documents generate a dialogue between potentially common languages and practices of artists belonging to different generations, educational and geographical backgrounds. In this way the MADRE museum has built up a collection that is rooted in its own territory and is highly aware of the dynamics of international artistic research. Just like an open-ended finale, the project is destined to proceed over time (hence the first title of this chapter, The Show Must Go_ON), in order to continue to explore the “performative/formational” character exerted by the collection on the identity and functions of the museum itself. 

Per_formare una collezione: The Show Must Go_ON 

Second floor, MADRE Sala Burri (second floor), #museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte 

Per_formare una collezione: Per un archivio dell'arte in Campania 

Sala Show_Youself@MADRE (ground floor) and mezzanine (left staircase), 

MADRE October 14th 2017- in progress 

Curated by Andrea Viliani 

MADRE · #museo d’arte contemporanea Donnaregina (via Settembrini 79, Naples) 

Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte (via Miano 2, Naples)