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ARCHIVES, RAOUL DE KEYSER, A selection of materials from the Raoul De Keyser Papers at Ghent University Library

In the 1960s, #raouldekeyser (1930-2012) became one of the most important Belgian postwar artists. Initially a representative of the so-called Nieuwe Visie or New Vision, De Keyser combined everyday motifs with abstract shapes. In the 1970s, his work was marked by Minimal Art and so-called Fundamental Painting. From the 1980s onwards, De Keyser 
developed a subtle and highly personal oeuvre, which was applauded internationally. He is considered one of the most prominent painters of the late twentieth century. 
The legacy of De Keyser comprises a wide range of publications, notes, letters, photographs, leaflets, posters and other items, offering an interesting view on his life, work, and international network. In 2014-15, De Keyser’s three sons donated the artist’s personal archives to Ghent University – an institution where De Keyser had worked for a long time as an administrator. Preserved at the University’s central library “Book Tower,” the archives are now inventoried by students of art history under the supervision of Steven Jacobs, disclosing the papers for future research. 
This small documentary exhibition focuses on a selection of archival materials. It deals with three themes of De Keyser’s oeuvre: the painting as object, the relation between De Keyser’s pictorial works and poetry, and the interaction between painting and photography. In addition, this project focuses on three noteworthy exhibitions such as the solo-show Rondom de werkelijkheid (1970) and two exhibitions closely connected to the history of S.M.A.K. and its founding director Jan Hoet: the group show #raouldekeyser, David Rabinowitch, Philippe Van Snick, Richard Tuttle (1978) and Documenta IX at Kassel (1992). 
This project also announces the first travelling retrospective on De Keyser since his passing, taking place in fall and winter 2018/19 at S.M.A.K. 
Curated by Steven Jacobs in collaboration with students of art history of Ghent University. Book published by A&S Books with texts by Steven Jacobs, Hendrik Defoort, Martin Germann, Wouter Davidts, Ann Cesteleyn, Aurelie Daems and students of art history at Ghent University. Book lay-out: Inge Ketelers. 
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A selection of materials from the #raouldekeyser Papers at Ghent University Library.
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