november 07, 2017 - Ferrari

Official Ferrari dealers nominated "Officina Ferrari Classiche"

Maranello, 7 November 2017 - 48 official #ferrari Dealers in 20 markets worldwide have been nominated as “Ferrari Classiche Authorised Workshops” – individually known as “Officina” (Italian for workshop) - which authorises the dealer to implement the #ferrari Classiche certification process and ensure the correct maintenance and/or repair of #ferrari cars over 20 years old.
Each #ferrari Classiche Officina will have the direct support of the #ferrari Classiche department at the factory in Maranello, and in return must commit to maintaining a dedicated workshop ramp and a suitably-qualified and trained #ferrari Classiche #service Technician exclusively for #ferrari Classiche maintenance, repair and certification applications.
A #ferrari Classiche Officina offers a highly qualified #service to the customer, ensuring the maintenance of the vehicle’s value through the start of the #ferrari Classiche Certification process, safeguarding furthermore the technical heritage of the #ferrari brand and, therefore, the client’s investment in their #ferrari Classiche car and certification.
Naturally any work on cars that requires the reconstruction of major parts or components - which may be necessary for the purposes of possible issue of the #ferrari Classiche Certification - will be carried out at the #ferrari factory.
Clients can find out which dealer is an approved workshop in their area by downloading the pdf from the Certification and Authentication tab in the #ferrari Classiche section of the company’s web site –
The programme will continue to develop in the future with the nomination of more dealers as recognised #ferrari Classiche Authorised Workshops in other markets. 

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