october 21, 2017 - Kimbo

Kimbo at Host 2017


One of the main players in the Italian coffee business and a symbol of Neapolitan espresso par excellence, #kimbo will be at the 40th edition of Host, the international #horeca sector #event held in Milan from 20 to 24 October 2017. 
At over 180 square metres, the spectacular, inviting stand is designed to welcome visitors into the world of #kimbo. Most of the fixtures and fittings will be in warm coffee colours, and include a large video wall for live projection of the presentations held at the long central counter and two touch-screen monitors for visitors to use as they explore the #kimbo away-from-home range.   
Starting with products for the bar channel, #kimbo is ready to showcase several new entries, further confirming its role as ideal partner, guaranteeing the best service and products for the world’s most discerning clients.
The company that has always anticipated the best trends in the world of coffee now presents UTZ-certified Caffè Espresso Crema, a blend of beans resulting from sustainable agriculture, guaranteed right along the production chain and in accordance with good production practices and respect for #people and the environment.  
Another new idea from #kimbo is the 1 kg tin, which joins the existing 3 kg tin in the #elite line.This new size will allow the top #kimbo #bar line to be used even in those bars with lower coffee consumption, ensuring perfect preservation of the product’s organoleptic qualities.The two blends in question arethe light roast #grangourmet and the new dark roast #intenseflavour.   
Then there is Cuccuma Destrutturata for bars serving a wider, more refined range of products, developed by the Neapolitan company and on sale from the online #kimbo Shop.This is a modern new take on the traditional Neapolitan coffee pot, for both hot extraction and cold brew coffee, increasingly requested in on-trend bars and inspired by the third wave.The coffee is in fact made using the cuccuma method and times, then cooled by passing it through a piece of hollow copper wire plunged in ice to give a cold coffee with full, intense taste.  
For the food service sector, #kimbo will be showcasing a new capsule system studied to guarantee a very high quality espresso coffee for the micro Ho.Re.Ca. industry. Specifically for restaurants, clubs and discos with a medium level of coffee consumption or even bars in hotels, it is ideal when the barman might not have adequate training in optimum preparation of coffees and cappuccinos and where the low consumption does not always guarantee perfect results.
Three blends are currently available in capsules: #grangourmet, Prestige and Decaf, all with a big new surprise: as well as the classic 1-coffee format, #kimbo has now also introduced the double portion, ideal when serving two clients with the same blend at the same time.  
#kimbo is also paying more attention to top-end restaurants, where coffee is usually the finale to a high-level, refined taste experience, closing special lunches and dinners.In this context, in addition to the complete range of extremely high quality espresso coffees, #kimbo also has an innovative reworking of the extraction method par excellence, a synthesis of all the Neapolitan coffee history and tradition: the Kimbo Cuccuma.Making coffee with a Neapolitan coffee pot is all about ritual, slowness and passion and the result is a coffee with more intense, rounder flavour, unique and truly special.
The #kimbo Cuccuma revives a coffee that is immediately redolent of the aroma of Naples, but at the same time can be adapted to suit the ever-changing taste of coffee lovers all over the world. The same pot can be used to make traditional Neapolitan coffee or an innovative black coffee.  
A busy calendar of events and presentations will make sure the #kimbo stand comes alive every day.
Every morning, #carminecapitanio, #kimbo Trainer Manager will lead visitors in tasting the latest #kimbo products, with detailed information about the different sensorial profiles and special characteristics of each one.
Afternoons will then see three separate moments, devised to tell stories around the talent of coffee, its tradition and contemporary identity.
On 21 October there will be presentation of coffee extraction with the Neapolitan cuccuma to make both Neapolitan espresso and black coffee, and presentation of the destructured cuccuma and its use with cocktails.Latte art will be the star on the following day and the #kimbo coffee specialist will show visitors how to prepare and decorate coffees and cappuccinos like an expert.Finally, on 23 October, there will be presentation of #kimbo coffee cocktails, a special idea devised to suggest different use of coffee blended with spirits.  
The #kimbo range for specialists does not stop at the excellence of coffee. Its high-quality product is accompanied by impeccable service that turns coffee drinking into pure pleasure.
#kimbo, in fact, also helps with the delicate moment of coffee preparation, investing more and more in personnel training and spreading of the traditional Neapolitan espresso culture.  
A move in this direction is provided by the new training centre in the Melito di Napoli headquarters which, from October, will be guaranteeing the best Italian and international professionals over 200 days of excellent training every year. An investment in training that goes beyond the local area, with over 30 #kimbo centres around the world.  
Host 2017 will therefore be a chance for illustrating all the attention and innovation by #kimbo in the #horeca sector, with new products that increasingly meet consumer tastes, desires and most recent organoleptic trends, confirming its role as ideal partner for barmen and restaurateurs in Italy and worldwide.

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