october 20, 2017 - Moderna Museet

5th Anniversary for Stockholm Literature, 27 – 29 October

5th Anniversary for #stockholm Literature, 27 – 29 October

Stockholm Literature | #modernamuseet introduces and highlights international literature and translation in dialogue with other arts. The programme features discussions, lectures, readings, performances and poetry walks through art.

For the first time, the PO Enquist Literary Prize will be presented at #stockholm Literature, in association with Norstedts Förlag. This year’s winner is Johannes Anyuru. The awarding of the Prize will be followed by a talk with the winner. 

The following authors will participate in this year’s festival:

Johanna Adorján (Germany), the 2017 PO Enquist Prize winner Johannes Anyuru (Sweden), Julian Barnes (UK), Petina Gappah (Zimbabwe), Hakan Günday (Turkey), Mohsin Hamid (Pakistan), Daniel Harding (UK), Sergej Lebedev (Russia), Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir (Iceland), Hito Steyerl (Germany), Lise Tremblay (Canada), and Kjell Westö (Finland).

They will talk to Daniel Birnbaum, Magnus Bärtås, Jason Diakité, Yukiko Duke, Kristoffer Leandoer, Ida Linde, Ann-Sofi Noring, Julia Peirone, Agneta Pleijel, Daniel Sjölin, and Cecilia Uddén. The festival will also feature an installation and accompanying performance by the artists Leif Elggren and Carl Michael von Hausswolff and concerts with Kammarensemblen. 

The Translation of the Year Prize 2016 will be awarded at #stockholm Literature on 27 October, in collaboration with the Translators’ Section of the Swedish Writers’ Union. The prize goes to Kajsa Öberg Lindsten, for her translation from the Russian of Andrei Platonovs Chevengur (Ersatz).

“A new feature this year is that the PO Enquist Prize for a young, exciting Nordic writer, will be awarded here with us. We also have a separate Translation Scene this year. And we are celebrating our 5th Anniversary with a spectacular programme of events. We will discuss the refugee crisis, artistic creativity under dictatorship, complex family relations, and lots more,” says Yukiko Duke, artistic director of #stockholm Literature. 

Tickets and #event programme will be available on 18 September

“For the fifth year running, #modernamuseet will be the venue for this unique festival that brings together different art forms. We look forward to welcoming authors and artists from all over the world to discussions and readings in the midst of art, for three intense days. This is a unique opportunity that needs to be experienced on site,” says Ann-Sofi Noring, co-director of #modernamuseet.

For accreditation, interviews with authors, information about events, and press images, please contact:

Sara Henrikson, sara.henrikson@stockholmliterature.se or +46 (0)72 734 73 59

For interviews with the artists, or questions concerning Moderna Museet’s participation, please contact:

Hanna Tottmar, h.tottmar@modernamuseet.se or +46 (0)70 952 23 62

About #stockholm Literature

Stockholm Literature | #modernamuseet is organised for the fifth consecutive year by the NGO Stockholms Litteraturfestival, with #modernamuseet as its key partner, and Dramaten& as its permanent partner. This year’s programme was put together by Yukiko Duke (artistic director) and Malin Nasiell (festival manager), in close consultation with Moderna Museet’s curator Catrin Lundqvist, and the festival’s artistic advisory board, consisting of Lina Kalmteg, Kristoffer Leandoer and Daniel Sjölin.

Stockholm Literature 2017 is supported by the Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation, Embassy of Iceland, Embassy of Canada to Sweden, the Swedish Arts Council, the City of #stockholm, the #stockholm County Council, the Swedish Academy and the Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation. Other partners are Albert Bonniers Förlag, Forum, Internationella biblioteket, Natur & Kultur, Norstedts, Ramús, City of #stockholm Libraries, Weyler Förlag and the literary translators’ section of the Swedish Writers’ Union.

Stockholm Literature 2016 

• 50 events on five stages over two and a half days

• 99% of visitors said the festival was good or very good

• 54% were first-time visitors

• 100% of visitors want to attend the festival again

• 25% of visitors are aged 20–35, 50% are 36–65, and 25% are 65 or older


Johanna Adorján, photo: Peter von Felbert. Johannes Anyuru, photo: Khim Efraimsson. Julian Barnes, photo: Alan Edwards. Daniel Birnbaum, photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet. Magnus Bärtås, photo: Sofia Runarsdotter. Jason Diakité, photo: Therese Öhrvall. Yukiko Duke, photo: Anna Widoff. Petina Gappah, photo: Marina Cavazza. Hakan Günday, photo: Selen Olzer. Mohsin Hamid, photo: Jillian Edelstein. Daniel Harding, photo: Julian Hargreaves. Kristoffer Leandoer, photo: Marcus Johansson. Sergej Lebedev, photo: private. Ida Linde, photo: Magnus Liam Karlsson. Ann-Sofi Noring, photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet. #auouravaolafsdottir, photo: Anton Brinck. Julia Peirone, photo: Jesper Brandt. Agneta Pleijel, photo: Göran Segeholm. Daniel Sjölin, photo: Göran Segeholm. Hito Steyerl, photo: Trevor Paglen. Lise Tremblay, photo: Normand Rajotte. Cecilia Uddén, photo: Mattias Ahlm. Kjell Westö, photo: Marica Rosengard. Kajsa Öberg Lindsten, photo: Vladimir Grigoriev. 

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