september 18, 2017 - Volvo Cars

The updated Volvo V60 Polestar with carbon fibre aerodynamic enhancements

Polestar, the performance brand of #volvo Cars, has unveiled the Model Year 2018 #volvo #v60polestar, complete with additional aerodynamic components made from lightweight carbon fibre that increase downforce for improved performance and handling. A limited number of 1,500 vehicles will be produced (this figure includes the S60 Polestar, which is not sold in the UK), with all cars receiving a unique number on the tread plate.


The new aerodynamic exterior package has been developed jointly by the engineers of Polestar and Cyan Racing, the motorsport partner of Polestar, with data and knowledge derived from the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) programme, where the team is involved in the title fight.


The aerodynamic enhancements include a new front splitter and side sills, all made in lightweight carbon fibre, increasing downforce. The new components increase grip and high-speed stability, providing a car with the duality of being at ease in everyday driving as well as providing the driver with further control and feedback on an inspiring stretch of road or during an evasive manoeuvre, for example.


Many of these components were developed and tested during Polestar Cyan Racing's recently revealed secret Nürburgring test, where a Polestar S60 claimed the record for the fastest four-door road-legal car around the infamous Nordschleife circuit.


Other visual changes include high-gloss black Polestar diamond cut wheels, carbon fibre door mirror casings and a new colour – Bursting Blue Metallic. The interior has been updated with a new seat upholstery, blue contrast stitching and Polestar embroidering.


More than 250 components have been changed compared with the 'standard' #volvo model to create a car with all the usability and practicality of the #volvo V60, but also delivering year-round sports car performance. Key component changes include the adjustable Öhlins shock absorber system and six-piston Brembo brake calipers with 371 millimetre discs.


The #v60polestar retains the award-winning 367 hp Drive-E engine, one of the most powerful four-cylinder production engines in the world, with fuel consumption and emissions at a class-leading level of 34.9 mpg and 186 CO2 g/km.


"The Model Year 18 S60 and #v60polestar models are the pinnacle of our road car programmes that we have been developing successfully since our first road car was launched in 2013," said Jörgen Ronstad, Vice President, Product Strategy & Management at Polestar.


"The aerodynamic enhancements, combined with other small but important changes, further enhance our base philosophy of a performance car for all roads and conditions, transferring technology and knowledge from track to road."


UK prices for the Model Year 2018 #v60polestar will be announced at a later date.