august 25, 2017 - Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari - F1, 2017 Belgian Grand Prix - Preview

Kimi, Seb focus on Spa: “We have high hopes, but nothing comes easy”
Francorchamps, August 24th – It’s not raining in the Ardennes-which is not so obvious for this region! Scuderia #ferrari drivers, #kimiraikkonen and Seb Vettel, are about to start their #racing weekend off the back of the announcement that Kimi has been confirmed for next season. “To drive for #ferrari – he says “is special and I feel privileged to be in the team also for next year. #ferrari is #ferrari, and it’s different to any other team. I’m very happy to stay and the team is happy, too; I’m really glad that the deal is done, so now we can focus on racing  the end of the season”.
Commenting on the nature of the challenge ahead, Kimi notes: “Spa is quite a unique place: it’s an old fashioned circuit and I like it very much; a challenging place, great for drivers  and for the spectators;  a lot of overtaking and many other things happen in a race that is always unpredictable. Some #people think this may not be such a good place for us, given the nature of the circuit, but there are fast tracks where we have  been very strong this year, and also in the past we have been very competitive here. We have high hopes,  but nothing comes easy, we can only do our best”.
“This track changes a bit every year” Seb comments “so we’ll see how it goes. We brought updates here but we don’t underestimate our competitors. Spa is a beautiful place, with a lot of supporters coming over, and I am really looking forward to #racing here. I don’t see this race and the next one as more ‘critical’ than others: in fact, here and Monza rank probably among the best, because of the atmosphere. But first of all, it is nice to be back after the break and able to jump in the car. As for the renewal of Kimi’s contract, there is no discussion on his talent. It is nice to see the team is appreciating his work and I am happy to work with him”.