july 10, 2017 - Renault

Renault celebrates its 40th anniversary of Formula 1 passion and launches the 2017 “Yellow Teapot”

To celebrate its 40 years of success, passion and pride of appearing amongst the historic #f1 makes, #renault has decided to revive this anecdote from the past by creating an actual “Yellow Teapot”.

Renault’s décision to enter the very exclusive #formula1 world was made in 1975 and was effective starting in 1977 with a car called the #rs01. For the managers of that period, the entry into #formula1 had to do with introducing engine technology advances. After studies and a lot of thinking, the choice of a turbocompressed engine, which had never been done in #formula1, was revelatory of Renault’s will and ambition.

So it was at the 1977 Silverstone Grand Prix that #renault took up its position with the first Formule 1 turbo engine in history. A few years later, the turbo was used by the other racing teams, and still today, modern #formula1 models are equipped with this technology. 

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