june 30, 2017 - Mercedes-Benz

At-a-glance comparisons, convenient selection around the clock Unimog partner portal now available for convenient selection of suitable implements

  • Easy-to-navigate online guide to practical #unimog implement combinations covering a range of areas of application: now available 24 hours a day
  • Overview of all current models of the #unimog implement carrier and chassis variants for the extreme off-road model series
  • Presentation of bodies and implements from certified “ UnimogPartners by Mercedes-Benz” and “Mercedes-Benz #unimog ExpertPartners”
  • Detailed description of bodies and implements with photos and contact address of the relevant #unimog implement partner
  • Available now at unimogpartner.com

Stuttgart / Wörth –The introduction of the new #unimog partner portal is a real highlight for #mercedesbenz Special Trucks: #unimog customers can now go to www.unimogpartner.com and explore for themselves the wide range of products offered by the implement, attachment and body manufacturers who equip the #unimog for a whole host of industry-specific applications. #mercedesbenz Special Trucks has launched the portal to make it easier for customers to search for an appropriate bodybuilder and to help them choose the right implements for the areas of use and tasks they are concerned with.

The #product solutions shown at the #unimog partner portal are all technically compatible implements or bodies approved by #mercedesbenz Special Trucks for the #unimog chassis, as all the manufacturers listed in the #unimog partner portal are certified either as a “UnimogPartner by Mercedes-Benz” or a “Mercedes-Benz #unimog ExpertPartner”.

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