june 29, 2017 - Com2Us

Summoners War climbs the App Store charts across key global markets

Summoners War’s popularity continues to blaze trails in the mobile gaming space. #com2us today announced its flagship mobile RPG has seen a dramatic rise in the #app Store top grossing chart across key global markets.

In North America, #summonerswar returned to the top 5, ascending to the 5th spot in the top grossing chart in USA and 2nd in Canada while rising to the top spot in Germany, France, Netherlandsand Singapore.

The popular turn-based RPG has also seen significant uplift in its top grossing chart rankings across additional markets in Europe as well as Latin America and Oceania, further solidifying its position as one of the most popular mobile games worldwide. #summonerswar is currently ranked at number 7, 10, 5, and 6 in Italy, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, respectively.

Meanwhile, the game continues to hold steady in Asia currently ranked 1st in Singapore, 3rd in Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand, 4th in South Korea and 10th in Japan.

Since launching in 2014, #summonerswar has defied industry means by continuing to grow in popularity worldwide. To sustain the game’s growth, #com2us will launch more events further engaging its community of loyal fans and online influencers as well as expanding the games IP.

“The popularity of #summonerswar and the immense support from our community continues to surprise us and move us,” said Casey Lee, CEO of #com2us USA. “It reaffirms Com2us’ drive to expand the #summonerswar IP across a range of verticals and to further bolster our esports initiative moving forward.”

Last week, #com2us partnered with Amazon to hold its first-ever global #summonerswar tournament at the inaugural Mobile Masters Invitational 2017 in New Jersey. The live broadcast of the #summonerswar tournament on Twitch was ranked in the top 5 most viewed on the day of the event, recording over 35,000 concurrent views. Since then, the rebroadcast has notched a further 19,000 views. Further, some 6,000 fans showed up on-site to attend the event.