june 21, 2017

Thermidor: a japanese role-playing game set in revolutionary France launches kickstarter campaign!

An Extraordinary Multi-Platform 3D Japanese Role-Playing Game is Now Seeking Support on World’s Largest Crowdfunding Platform!

June 1st  , 2017 - Tokyo, Japan

Thermidor is an amazing Japanese Role-Playing Game that has been developed with state of the art 3D Graphics. The game is tactical in nature and can be played on mobile, Windows, #linux and Mac platforms. Moreover, it features exciting characters and it takes the users back to revolutionary France era with several amazing options of gameplay. Developed by #hyperdevbox Japan, the game can be played on multiple devices by a same user.

Now seeking community support on #kickstarter, #thermidor is a Japanese #rpg that perfectly blends Western Styles with Classic Japanese Anime Art. Moreover, the game has been developed using ‘Dynamic Awareness System’ or DAS technology that provides the characters with an intelligent awareness of their movement throughout the gameplay.

The #kickstarter Campaign (including a playable demo) is located on the web at:

www.kickstarter.com/projects/222154173/thermidor-jrpg-by-hyperdevbox-japan and it offers pledges ranging from €3 to €4500 with wonderful rewards. These rewards offer amazing in game bonuses for the supporters who will back this upcoming #rpg sensation of the future.