june 01, 2017 - Opel

When handbags can kiss and men do yoga: “It’s a good life” – with the new Opel Crossland X

  •         #crossover instead of couples therapy: Premiere for new Crossland X 360-degree campaign with Bettina Zimmermann and Kai Wiesinger on TV from June 13
  •         Cool, crisp and practical: Crossland X has everything that makes life easier
  •         On the bright side: Song from “Mr. Good Life” Tom Gaebel enhances campaign

Rüsselsheim.  Nowadays even handbags can kiss. Bettina Zimmermann and Kai Wiesinger discover this when their teenage daughter gets out of the car to retrieve the purse that she supposedly forgot around the corner. All the surprised parents need for this realization is the 180-degree Panoramic Rear View Camera. This is just one of five spots showcasing the new #opel #crosslandx. From June 13, the new 360-degree campaign shows that the crisp, compact newcomer makes life easier and more pleasant in every respect, along the lines of “The new #crosslandx. It’s a good life.”

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