may 29, 2017

FrozenShard announces Magic Quest: TCG

Choose your Class; Create your Hero and Summon Minions to defeat your enemies in this Epic Card Adventure! Available now on iPad, iPhone, #android, Facebook and Kongregate.

BARCELONA, Spain, #frozenshard Games, the company specialized in bringing Trading Card Games into your mobile device and your browser, releasing its last hit to the Stores. Magic Quest: TCG is a fantasy themed card game where you will level up your Hero and try to collect all the Cards possible to summon your Minions in battle.

“You wake up dazed at dawn; your back is still moist from sleeping on the withered moss of Emerald Forest. With the first rays of light, the dew on the plants leafs of the forest looks better than ever, no one would say what happened here a few hours ago…

You feel some pain in the ankles and arms, you have undoubtedly been bound hands and feet for some hours and have been stripped of all your creatures and your gold, someone has to pay for this; someone will pay for this. It’s time to start from scratch and get your revenge.”

Magic Quest: TCG tells the story of a Summoner who is snatched away of all his belongings and seeks revenge. You will be able to choose among an extended list of Classes such as Warrior, Mage, Hunter, etc… Level up throughout the campaign and build Armies of Creatures that you will summon in Battle; discover the ruins of Sunfury Kingdom or become a Knight of the Radiant Army, the world of Magorbis awaits you!

Key Features:

  • Cross Platform: Mobile & Browser platforms together, the more players; the funnier it gets!
  • Competitive PvP: Play against random Summoners
  • : Join a Guild and get special rewards!
  • Dungeons & Raids: Play solo or with your Guild mates.
  • Auction House: Have too many cards? Auction them and get some extra gold!
  • Craft: Upgrade cards to their final phase!
  • Classes: Choose among 10 different classes, level them up and get Unique rewards!
  • Weekly / Monthly Tournaments (PvP/Dungeons): Your efforts will be rewarded!
  • Deck Builder: Build your own decks for different Classes.
  • Offline Mode: No internet connection? No problem, you can keep playing!
  • Exclusive Cards Artwork: Beautiful pieces of art for your enjoyment!

Magic Quest: TCG is available for the following platforms: AppleAndroidFacebook andKongregate. For more information please visit:


Official Trailer: