april 29, 2017 - Fila

Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell Honors FILA's Martin Mulligan

FILA's #martinmulligan was honored at the #barcelonaopenbancsabadell, a tournament where he had achieved great success as a professional #tennis player. Mulligan secured two titles in Barcelona, and is one of only ten players to defend his crown in consecutive years. In celebration of his achievements, the organizing committee of the #barcelonaopenbancsabadell - 65th Conde do Godo Trophy, paid tribute to Mulligan on the 50th anniversary of his first win, which took place in 1967.
The #event was held on April 27th, at the 65th edition of the tournament. During a special on-court ceremony, Albert Agusti, President of the Real club de Tenis Barcelona-1899, and Albert Costa, Tournament Director, presented Mulligan with a replica of the Trophy.
Since the 1970's, #martinmulligan has scouted and signed athletes to represent #fila #tennis, and has been a passionate advocate for the sport. In addition to his tournament wins in Barcelona, Mulligan’s many on-court accomplishments include winning the men's singles title at the Italian Championships three times, in 1963, 1965 and 1967. He also reached the men’s singles finals in Wimbledon in 1962.