april 13, 2017

New lamps 2017 - Euroluce and Spazio Esperienze

Between East and West.
#davidegroppi is introducing his new lamp projects at #euroluce and at Spazio Esperienze.
It is easy to see similarities between his vision and that of Scandinavian Functionalism. His elegant, modern lighting creations have been put side by side with Northern European furniture and memorabilia from that era.
Moving from lamp to lamp becomes a kind of journey to find a common matrix between what lights and what is lit. It is based on #design firmly anchored in simplicity, weightlessness, emotion and inventiveness, but it also involves the search for “high quality living” applied to daily life.
This is what has made the aesthetics of Northern #design so extraordinary.
#davidegroppi has followed his creative intuition, uniting shape and functionality.
In its simplicity, Northern #design always offers a touch of genius, an intuition that goes beyond the purely aesthetic shape,
making it immediately recognisable.
In the same way, the element of surprise constitutes an important part of Davide Groppi’s fascination.
First the light arrives, delicate and never excessive. It wraps itself around things, giving them also a kind of theatrical touch. It is only after feeling these sensations that a person becomes curious about where the light is coming from, what has made all this possible. It is another example of the rational will to surprise through simplicity, which is very typical in Northern #design.
Following the leitmotiv of pureness and of functionality, one can arrive even further, all the way to Japan. There, tradition follows what is essential, what is absolutely pure in shape. It unites cultures that are only apparently distant. There is often an echo of Japanese #design in Davide Groppi’s work: his invention, pureness and Zen approach to conceiving his projects. It’s a subtle leitmotiv, but solid; it’s the same thing that ties Japan with Scandinavian Functionalism, two worlds that are distant only apparently. 

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