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UEFA backs social responsibility partner’s annual campaign, calling for access and inclusion of disabled people into all facets of the game.

The important role that disabled #people can play in football is the focal point of the fifth week of action organised by UEFA’s partner, the Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE).
The week of action, which takes place between 4 and 12 March, promotes the campaign to ensure that disabled #people can be fully involved in the game, as spectators, players, coaches, administrators, volunteers or decision-makers.
Total Football Total Access is the theme of the #cafe Week of Action, which was launched in 2013. Clubs, venues, associations and supporters’ groups will be organising activities across Europe.
“The #cafe Week of Action is the ideal opportunity to raise awareness of access and inclusion,” it says, “and to better integrate disabled #people into the wider society using the unique power of football.”
UEFA has a long-standing relationship with #cafe, and #uefa President Aleksander Čeferin is giving strong support to the Week of Action. 
“UEFA aims to utilize football’s global reach to promote and foster social inclusion,” Mr Čeferin said. “Our #sport must be open to everyone – #people of all sexes, creeds, beliefs and abilities – who all have a right to enjoy the game they love.”
“Together with our partners #cafe, we aim to improve disabled people’s access to football – and help them play a fuller role in society.”
In 2015, UEFA’s Executive Committee approved new provisions in its Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play regulations that require clubs to appoint a dedicated disability access officer.
This development is seen by #cafe as “a significant milestone for disabled #people across Europe, and will lead to a much greater awareness around disability within all levels of football.”
“This has meant that access and inclusion is on every national football association’s agenda, and disabled fans now have an identified contact point at their clubs.”
An official Week of Action mascot, Max Access, is making his debut this year. Max is a young disabled fan, and will be helping to promote events taking place under the Total Football Total Access banner.

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