february 03, 2017 - Mercedes-Benz

Clearing snow at arctic temperatures: Across all of Europe, the Unimog is used to clear snow - also in Leogang in the Austrian state of Salzburg

  • A new #unimog U 430 is hard at work in Leogang in the state of Salzburg
  • Temperatures in the skiing areas fall down as low as minus 20°C
  • All-wheel steering increases manoeuvrability
  • Up to 50 cm of snow over night 

Leogang / State of Salzburg – In cold winters like this one, the #unimog is an indispensable helper in the fight against snow and ice. That also holds true for the municipality of Leogang in the state of Salzburg. In the skiing region there, temperatures can sink as low as minus 20°C at night with 50 cm of fresh snow in a few hours being anything but a rarity. In such cases, the team has to be on the road by 5 a.m. to ensure that the most frequented roads are cleared before the morning rush hour begins. There is a shift changeover at midday, and in the evening all of the roads are cleared.

Reliable and sophisticated technology is essential here – technology which the U 430 of the municipality of Leogang has brought them since 2016. All-wheel steering, Quick Reverse and snowplough relief are the keywords here.

All-wheel steering increases manoeuvrability

With all-wheel steering, the front and rear wheels can drive in exactly the same tracks. This is necessary, for example, when the #unimog has cut a curved path through deep snow and must then back up in its previous tracks.

"Electronic Quick Reverse", on the other hand, allows the #unimog to very swiftly switch between forward and reverse gears. After all, the #unimog does not just have one reverse gear, but three. When clearing car parks, the #unimog often drives back and forth and quickly changing from forwards to backwards increases the snow clearing performance – car parks can thus be cleared faster than without this technology.

Another highlight is snowplough relief using the Unimog's hydraulic system. It ensures that a part of the snowplough's weight can be transferred to the front axle. The degree of relief is steplessly adjustable using the instrument cluster. This increases traction at the front axle, reduces wear on the snowplough's blade, protects the road surface and also reduces noise.

Just like in Leogang in the state of Salzburg, hundreds of #unimog vehicles are in operation throughout Europe, clearing snow-covered roads on a daily basis – above all in the snow-prone Alps such as Leogang in the state of Salzburg.