november 18, 2016 - Hyundai

H2 at HQ: Hyundai opens public hydrogen refuelling station in Germany

Hyundai Motor together with its partner #airliquide today opened a public hydrogen refuelling station at its European headquarters in Offenbach, Germany.

Thanks to the technology developed by #airliquide, drivers of fuel cell electric vehicles like the #hyundai #ix35fuelcell can refuel their cars to the maximum capacity in only three to five minutes. The opening of the new hydrogen refuelling station continues the cooperation between leading industry partners under the umbrella of the Clean Energy #partnership (CEP). The station, build by #airliquide, marks a further step towards a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure.

The new hydrogen fuel station is installed by #airliquide and joins CEP network, a joint initiative of government and industry founded in 2002 and lead-managed by the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. The construction and maintenance of the station is funded by the Ministry with 1million Euro.