october 06, 2016 - FCA Corporate

The FCA Centro Stile in “Autostyle Design Competition 2016”

Time for the XIII edition of the event dedicated to World Automobile #design. Prizes for upcoming style talents, plus workshops with today's top sector designers. The centuries-old park of Villa di Bagno (Province of Mantua) will play host to models from the Alfa Romeo Giulia, the Abarth 124 Spider and the Fiat Tipo Station Wagon lines


Tomorrow, the thirteenth edition of the "Autostyle #design Competition" will take place at Villa di Bagno in Porto Mantovano (Mantua). This exciting exploration of motorcar #design is organised by Berman, a component manufacturer since 1972, by the Auto&Design magazine and by the Wacom Company. The highlight of the event is its traditional "International Special Version Competition", reserved for promising young talents from Europe's most famous #design academies. Participants will be judged by renowned designers such as Roberto Giolito (FCA), Alessandro Maccolini (Alfa Romeo), Flavio Manzoni (Ferrari) and Marco Tencone (Maserati).


Set inside the grounds of Villa di Bagno, in a superb ancient garden, the event will begin at 9 a.m. with a workshop where four representatives of four Style Centres - including Maserati's Marco Tencone - will present their latest novelties in an ever more dynamic context charged by innovative themes such as alternative fuel engines, robot driving and internet connectivity. To follow this, Flavio Manzoni will present a workshop on the upcoming Ferrari 458 MM Speciale. To close the morning, voting will take place, both by the judging commission and the public, to decide the winners of the XIII edition.


The magnificent park of Villa di Bagno will also provide the setting for the exhibition of the 20 cars which aroused the most enthusiasm during 2016, including the latest creations from Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Abarth. In particular, visitors will be able to get a close-up view of the alluring Giulia, the ultra-authentic expression of the Alfa Romeo spirit which features all the elements and attitudes that have rendered it one of the world's most desired brands: unmistakably Italian #design, high performance engines, perfect weight distribution, unique technical solutions and improved power/weight ratio.
Also highlighted is the new Abarth 124 spider, which offers all the thrills and pleasures that only a real spider can offer. Developed with the Abarth Racing team, the car perfectly embodies the leading values of the brand: performance, artisan craft and technical excellence.
The Fiat Tipo Station Wagon completes the #fca model display at the Mantova event: the most spacious and flexible Fiat on the market, loyally following the tradition value equation of the Tipo family - centred on "value for money" - while also ensuring greater functionality and versatility.