september 08, 2016 - Fondazione Gianfranco Ferré

Ferré and Comte/ DETAILS. Great interpreters between fashion and art

The sartorial genius of Gianfranco Ferré and the photographic art by #michelcomte come together for two exhibitions that are part of the many initiatives for the bicentenary of the arrival of Marie Louise of Habsburg-Lorraine in #parma, former Empress of France and Duchess of #parma, Piacenza and Guastalla.

“Ferré and Comte DETAILS. Great interpreters between #fashion and art”, a project conceived by Alberto Nodolini and produced by Ankamoki, will unfold in the halls of the first and second floor of the Palazzo del Governatore in #parma from September 30th 2016 to January 15th 2017.

The first floor will be dedicated to the exhibition "Gianfranco Ferré and Marie Louise, unexpected similarities", curated by Gloria Bianchini and Alberto Nodolini in collaboration with the Gianfranco Ferré Foundation. The second floor will be completely dedicated to the installations by #michelcomte for the "Neoclassic" exhibition curated by Jens Remes in collaboration with Alberto Nodolini and Anna Tavani.

Strongly supported and backed by the Department of Culture of #parma, the double exhibition Ferré/Comte is also a clear desire to provide, within the initiatives aimed at enhancing the area on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the Duchess, an #event that looks towards the contemporary, inside one of the most prestigious and ancient palaces of the city.

Laura Maria Ferraris, Councillor of Culture for the City of #parma: "As the City of #parma, we wanted to launch a challenge by looking at this projected beyond the issue of time. The project by Gloria Bianchini and Alberto Nodolini highlights the inexhaustible possibilities that come from the courage of not stopping at the surface of things, or the first three results on Google, or the title without reading the article. This way, the most innovative among the great designers of Italian #fashion and the strong and fragile Duchess who "lived in an era greater than herself" can find a meeting point. My most sincere appreciation and gratitude goes to the curators for their ability to represent Parma's not always obvious intelligence and generous heart".

"Gianfranco Ferré and Marie Louise, unexpected similarities", created thanks to the fundamental contribution of the Gianfranco Ferré Foundation, offers a wide selection of clothing collections of High #fashion and Prêt-à-Porter, the result of a research project designed to detect "unexpected similarities" between some of Ferré's style variations and the passions, tastes and times of the "Good Duchess".
An exhibition based on the details of the history of costume reinterpreted by Ferré's #fashion genius. This is what will be highlighted in the 60 beautiful garments that will be on display, accompanied by the preparatory sketches.
The exhibition aims to create an emotional and philological journey at the same time. Divided into distinct areas, it unfolds a story, not only characterized in historical and temporal terms, but conceived to focus on the tastes, passions and interests of the time, and therefore, on the character of Marie Louise.

Always fascinated by the great women of history, Gianfranco Ferré lives his collections as a constant reminder of the fashions of the past. In an aesthetic similarities game, the dresses on display clearly show how Ferré dialogues with neoclassical culture, seizing the essence of the dress, from Joséphine de Beauharnais, Napoleon's first wife, to the "Good Duchess" Marie Louise, Napoleon's second wife.
However, when looking back at the past, Ferré does not work on the full style, but on the details, that once distorted, are enhanced and made contemporary.

Alberto Nodolini writes in his catalogue, "We have proposed a sort of story that takes into account several elements. A group of images that propose a reflection on the Directory style, a space dedicated to shirts through which Ferré creates large volumes, ingenious movements and equally brilliant cuts; and then again reimbursed sleeves, high cuffs or redesigned military button patterns. Not to mention the crinolines exposed in evidence as supporting structures of the cone of skirts or even the transparencies, or the Oriental style breeches, which if we reflect, remind us of the Napoleonic culture, the oriental #fashion that the Emperor imported to France".

Rita Airaghi, Director of The Ferré Foundation "The reason for the presence of Gianfranco Ferré's creations in the context of the exhibition refer to the criteria with which we face his creative legacy, which for us, is constant subject of research and study. The systematic comparison with a multi-faceted and diverse heritage allows us to deal with it according to a flexible logic, thanks to which it is not impossible to derive and propose always new impressions from what Ferré has created, capable of surprising and often amazing. Unexpected, therefore, as the similarities with the taste and the passions of Marie Louise and her time".

In the exhibition #michelcomte "Neoclassic", located on the second floor of the Palazzo del Governatore, curated by Jens Remes in collaboration with Alberto Nodolini and Anna Tavani, the emotions of an ancient past are reinterpreted with rigorous poetry by one of the most prestigious contemporary photographers.
For #michelcomte, Neoclassicism always inspires at first, and but then leads to destruction. But still today the charm of Neoclassical art remains unchanged in history, #fashion and design. Comte tells his way of interpreting the neoclassical parable through a series of sculptures, light installations and photographs.
"The exhibition in #parma is my personal analysis of the neoclassical style and time"; Comte poses an ideological reflection through conscious artistic expression, stating that yes, symbols and men may be destroyed, but not the artistic beauty, which remains beyond all ideology.

"Ferré and Comte/Details. Great interpreters between #fashion and art", is a project promoted by the City of #parma in collaboration with the Gianfranco Ferré Foundation, realized with the support of the Institute for cultural, artistic and natural heritage/Region Emilia Romagna, the National Academy of Fine Arts in #parma, with the contribution of Fiere di #parma, Cosmoproject, and produced by Ankamoki.
We also thank Fidenza Village, CNA #parma, MacroCoop, Manetti
Finally, a special thank you goes to Rita Castaldini.

The catalogues of both exhibitions are published by Skira Editore

Ferré and Comte/ DETAILS. Great interpreters between #fashion and art
Palazzo del Governatore
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi , Parma
September 30th 2016 – January 15th 2017

Press preview: Tuesday, September 27th 12.00pm | Vernissage: Thursday, September 29th 6.00pm

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