august 04, 2016 - Yamaha

My Garage App for Yamaha Sport Touring models

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Yamaha launch MY GARAGE #app for Sport Touring models

Yamaha's continuously growing family of user-friendly My Garage apps is transforming the way that customers choose to accessorize their motorcycle or #scooter. With the launch of the My Garage #app for our Sport Touring models, every FJR1300 and Tracer customer can now build the bike of their dreams in minutes!

Using the very latest real-time system, the intuitive My Garage #app enables you to create a fully accessorized virtual #yamaha using a mobile or tablet. By enabling you to view a variety of options in stunning 3D, you now have ultimate control over how to turn your #yamaha Sport Touring model into a fully equipped long distance traveller.

Yamaha are also updating the My Garage Hyper Naked #app that now includes the newest range of accessories developed for the recently launched MT-10, as well as for the popular MT-03.

The My Garage #app also compares and calculates total build costs, and enables the user to send the details of their requirements to the local #yamaha dealer who can confirm availability of parts, test rides and more.

The #yamaha My Garage apps are available from iTunes and the #android Play Store:

iOS iTunes

Android Play Store