june 06, 2016 - Abarth

Abarth celebrates Valentino Rossi’s first place at Catalunya GP with Yamaha

Today on the Catalunya circuit in Montemelo, #valentinorossi finished the GP Monster Energy in first place , carrying to the podium the Scorpion that graces the fairings of his #yzrm1 2016. #abarth and the Movistar #yamaha #motogp forged a #partnership on shared values, such as a sporting attitude and the desire to excel.

The Scorpion is also synonymous with "racing" and symbolises a heritage of victories and passions, the building blocks of one of the great cult phenomena in modern #racing, one that never stops amazing its public. At the latest car show in Geneva, for example, the new #abarth 124 spider conquered the crowds with its DNA. Developed with the #abarth #racing team, the car perfectly embodies the leading values of the brand: performance, artisan craft, technical excellence. Exceptional dynamism, refined mechanics and light weight are the ingredients that excite anyone who is lucky enough to drive one.

Abarth really is the brand of passions, on the road as on the circuit, and it now takes motorcycle fans too to success. From the cooperation with #yamaha comes the special #abarth #595yamahafactoryracing series, and now the emotions felt on the racetrack and on board each #abarth car can be found in "The Scorpionship": the brand's only official community dedicated to car owners, collectors, #abarth club members, and fans. Subscribing at the scorpionship.abarth.com website provides plenty of exciting advantages, promotions and #racing opportunities as well as exclusive invites to meetings for fans.