april 11, 2016 - Abarth

Double triumph for Mick Schumacher in the Italian F4 Championship powered by Abarth in Misano Adriatico

  • Thanks to two wins, the youngster with #racing in his blood is top of the overall standings in the Italian championship
  • 41 pilots representing 21 countries began the inaugural races of the season
  • Spectacular performances from the #abarth single-seaters
  • Upcoming races: 8 May at the Adria circuit

The third edition of the #italianf4championship powered by #abarth, was launched this past weekend on the "Marco Simoncelli" Circuit in Misano Adriatico (Rimini), featuring 41 drivers representing 21 different nations. And the season began with two dominant victories by the young German driver #mickschumacher, son of the great F1 world champion and former Ferrari driver.

Thanks to these wins, the young German is the current leader of the overall standings, ahead of the Mexican Raul Guzman and the Argentinian Marcos Siebert.

The Abarth-powered single-seaters came up with spectacular performances in the successive three races, with #mickschumacher imposing his will from the start. He started Race 1 in the front row, attacking the pole car driven by Marcos Siebert from Argentina. Siebert defended his lead stubbornly, but in the fourth round Schumacher overtook him and led until the end, preceding Raul Guzman and the U.S. driver Juan Manuel Correa, the highest placed Debut driver, ahead of the Italian Simone Cunati.

Race 2 took place in the rain, with the Safety Car on the track at the start. When the Green Light was given, Schumacher shot into the lead, which he kept until the end for the second time. Second place went to Job Van Uitert and third to the Italian Diego Bertonelli.

Given the high number of drivers registered, this year the #italianf4championship powered by #abarth will feature 4 races per day, with the drivers divided into 4 groups which take turns #racing against each other. Each driver takes part in two races and then, if their scores place them among the 36 best, they qualify for the fourth and final race. Race 3, without Schumacher, was won by the Mexican Guzman, ahead of Siebert and Van Uitert.

Mick Schumacher started in pole position in the final, but a disastrous start left him in 17th position. He then fought his way up the standings, ending in fourth place in a race won by Siebert ahead of Juri Vips from Estonia.

The next dates in the calendar of the #italianf4championship powered by #abarth will be Saturday May 7 and Sunday May 8, on the circuit in Adria. Meanwhile, from 15 to 17 April, the second season of the German F4 ADAC #abarth Championship will be inaugurated, featuring the same single-seat model, fitted with the #abarth T-Jet engine.

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