april 06, 2016 - BMW

BMW Connected North America - The vision of the personalised digital companion becomes reality. Launch in USA with exclusive presentation at BUILD, Microsoft Corp’s. developer conference

On 31 March 2016, #bmw Connected North America for #ios is being presented at the #microsoft BUILD conference in San Francisco, and at the same time is being made available to download exclusively for #bmw Connected Drive users in the USA. #bmw Connected North America opens up a highly personalised world of intelligently connected, digital mobility services to users in the USA. The services revolve around the user and their individual mobility requirements, be it inside or outside the vehicle. The #bmw Group is thereby turning the vision of #bmw Connected as unveiled at the CES 2016 into reality: straightforward, seamless interlinking of various mobility events fine-tuned to the user’s needs.

This cross-platform mobility concept is based on an extremely flexible technical infrastructure known as the Open Mobility Cloud. This newly created architecture builds on the highly flexible, integrated tools and services of #microsoft #azure. The intelligent system processes data and information from all sorts of different sources, thereby providing the basis for personalisation and context orientation of the services. Besides this, the Open Mobility Cloud also offers far-reaching capabilities in terms of machine learning and data analysis.

In the first version of #bmw Connected North America, which is available in the USA from today, the personal mobility of the future – the daily management of mobility requirements – assumes a central role. In practical terms, this means always arriving on time. #bmw Connected North America recognises the user’s contextual, mobility-related information, such as destination addresses and arrival times, and combines this information with up-to-date traffic data. A message is then sent to the user’s #smartphone notifying them in advance of exact departure times, based on the current traffic situation and other information. After getting into the vehicle, the destination details can be transferred to the #bmw navigation system at the simple push of a button. The Open Mobility Cloud’s ability to learn means that, for example, frequently visited places are automatically stored and can then be easily accessed for journey management in future. In addition to this, the #bmw Remote Services are also integrated under the umbrella of #bmw Connected.

BMW Connected North America is available to download for iPhones from the #apple #app Store from 31 March 2016 in the USA only, and can be used in #bmw vehicles with the active optional extra “ConnectedDrive Services”. Further markets will follow in the course of this year. 
Further product information relating to the launch of #bmw Connected North America in the USA can be found at: http://www.bmwusa.com