march 24, 2016 - Fincantieri

Fincantieri: Viking Sea delivered in Ancona

Trieste, 24 March 2016 – “Viking Sea”, the second of six cruise ships Viking Ocean Cruises has
ordered from #fincantieri, has been delivered today at the shipyard in #ancona.
“Viking Sea”, as its sister ships, is placed in the small cruise ship segment. In fact, with a gross
tonnage of about 47,800 tons, it has 465 cabins with accommodation for 930 passengers, with a
total capacity of over 1,400 people, including the crew.
The ship has been designed by experienced naval architects and engineers, including an interior
design team of London-based SMC Design, and Los Angeles-based Rottet Studios, who
transferred on “Viking Sea” a modern design of Scandinavian inspiration, featuring sophisticated
elegance but functional, at the mean time. In addition to the all-veranda staterooms, the ship also
has spacious suites with sweeping views, two pools, of which one Infinity Pool off the stern, and a
Spa designed according to the wellness philosophy of the Scandinavian tradition, with a sauna and
a snow grotto.
The Viking Ocean Cruises units are all built according to the latest navigation regulations and
equipped with the most modern safety systems, including the “Safe return to port”. Furthermore,
they feature the most advanced technologies for energy saving and for meeting the strictest
environmental regulations with energy-efficient hybrid engines and an exhaust gas cleaning
The first of the series, “Viking Star”, has been built and delivered in spring 2015 from the shipyard
in Marghera, while “Viking Sky”, recently launched in #ancona, is scheduled for delivery in February
Fincantieri has built 71 cruise ships since 1990 (of which 47 from 2002) and other 13 ships are
currently being designed or built in the Group’s yards.