december 10, 2015 - Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Engagement 2016: Mercedes-Benz and ELLE present the talented Spanish designer Xavi Reyes in Berlin

Mercedes-Benz, in collaboration with ELLE, proudly showcases emerging talent for the 10th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. The two brands are inviting Xavi Reyes, a promising and talented designer to present his collection to an industry audience. The designer was presented with the coveted Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Award during the Spring/Summer 2016 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and is set to showcase his collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Autumn/Winter 2016. The show will take place on 21 January 2016 at 11 a.m. in the event marquee on Strasse des 17 Juni .In Xavi Reyes' collection, feminine and masculine, futurism and tradition blend into one. Unisex is a central theme for the 27-year-old designer, and he places models of both genders on the catwalk. Sharp edges, asymmetries, muted colours and wide silhouettes make many of his pieces universally wearable. The melancholic severity in the Spring/Summer 2016 collection is broken up by romantic elements, which are inspired by Reyes’ home community of Extremadura: white crocheted lace, such as that made by his mother and grandmother, flounces like those which adorn the classic Flamenco dresses, or the oriental patterns which are characteristic of the history of the southern Spanish region.Xavi Reyes has made a name for himself in the fashion world within a very short space of time. Before starting his own label in Madrid, the graduate of the Spanish Escuola de Arte No2 and Central Saint Martin’s College in London worked for various Spanish fashion houses and as a freelance fashion journalist. In 2015 when he showed his collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid for the first time, he promptly became one of the three finalists of the renowned competition "Who’s on Next" staged by Spanish Vogue.January 2016 marks the tenth time Mercedes-Benz and Elle have presented an aspiring talented figure at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. For years, both brands have been heavily involved in promoting new, talented designers and have already helped creatives such as Iris van Herpen, Roshi Porkar and, most recently, Annelie Schubert, make a glittering appearance on the banks of the River Spree."For more than 20 years we have been committed to the fashion world and promoting young, creative, talented people who passionately represent variety and quality in the fashion sector", commented Dr Jens Thiemer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars. "We have been hugely impressed by the innovative linking of tradition and vision plus the extraordinary craftsmanship skills and creative selection of materials which Xavi Reyes demonstrates in his designs. These are precisely the properties we also value when designing and building our cars."Since 1995 Mercedes-Benz has established itself internationally as a partner of selected fashion events. The brand is currently involved in more than 50 fashion platforms all over the world, including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Beijing, Madrid, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Istanbul and Berlin, as well as the acclaimed International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères.With 46 international editions in more than 90 countries, Elle is one of the largest and most well-known, global media brands and the best selling high-end fashion magazine in Germany. The fashion magazine demonstrates its impressive fashion expertise with a particular flair for identifying talented designers.The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Autumn/Winter 2016 takes place from 19 to 22 January 2016.