november 19, 2015 - Campari

Exclusive: the voting begins as Campari® takes a stand for its bittersweetness with hollywood actress Kate Hudson as leading lady in the 2016 Campari calendar

Campari® is of cially unveiling the full imagery for its iconic 2016 Calendar in New York City, entitled ‘The BitterSweet Campaign’, starring the beautifully charismatic American actress and entrepreneur Kate Hudson. The blonde beauty has taken the stage in this year’s Campari Calendar as two separate candidates in the 17th edition in the Calendar collection, dedicated to celebrating Campari’s unique, intriguing and versatile bittersweet taste profile. This year’s Calendar capitalises on the buzz and excitement of elections, asking people to take a stand, express an opinion, and cast their vote via social media, for which aspect of the classic apéritif they identify with more: Bitter vs Sweet. The growing popularity in bitter flavours in the world of mixology and food also plays a central role for The BitterSweet Campaign. The two sides of the ‘campaign’ are a reflection of Campari’s unmistakable bittersweet taste, whose opposing yet complementary profiles, can be perceived as more bitter, or in contrast, sweeter, depending on the cocktail in which Campari is used and will culminate on ‘election day’ on 1st March 2016.