october 27, 2015 - Mercedes-Benz

Unimog implement carrier model series in the Czech Republic: Road maintenance all-year-round

Following a successful tender, #unimog importer Croy has now handed over a total of 18 #unimog U 427 vehicles from the implement carrier model series to RSD CR in Rakovník, in the Czech Republic. RSD CR is a service provider with branches across the Czech Republic and uses the vehicles for country-wide road maintenance. The company, whose name incidentally stands for the Czech translation of “Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic”, was established in 1967 and today manages 751 km of motorway from its 24 maintenance centres across the Czech Republic. The #unimog U 427 models (27 in reference to its approximately 270 hp-strong output) are, among other things, all equipped with mowing doors, working gears and crawler gears, front power take-off and the “VarioPower” power hydraulics system. All vehicles are equipped with mowing and vacuuming equipment from Mulag and thus ensure immaculate verges on both sides of the roads.