october 07, 2015 - Fiat Professional

FCA supplies 9,113 Ram ProMaster vans to the US Postal Service

In Europe key player in the delivery sector, the FCA commercial vehicles conquest also the fleets in the U.S.A. with the American Ducato, badged RAM ProMaster, selected by the United States Postal Service.This agreement demonstrates the global vocation of the Ducato, which in Europe has notched up new sales records with its 2015 first half figures.

At the beginning of the week a new agreement between Ram and the United States Postal Service was announced, concerning the supply of 9,113 Ram ProMaster vans fitted with 280 HP 3.6 cm3 V6 petrol engines and configured to Postal Service specifications for parcel delivery. Ram ProMaster is the transatlantic version of the Fiat Ducato, designed in Italy and boasting the same versatility as the original in terms of satisfying all use requirements, even the complex demands of postal delivery services.

This commission underlines the Ducato's global vocation, with its success on the American market following on the heels of a record-breaking first half year in Europe, where its segment market share rose to 23.5%, a marked increase on the same period last year.

The Ram ProMaster was chosen above all for its reliability and efficiency. But also for its value, founded on a design based on the needs of customers and cargo area fitters, and on improved quality, durability and performance, with consequent reduction of maintenance and repair costs and higher residual value. Moreover, like the Ducato, it stands out for its low running costs: it has one of the best Total Cost of Ownership scores in the segment, i.e. the total operating cost between the van's purchase and sale. 

Indeed, the entire Fiat Professional range is notching up one success after another in supplying vehicles for major fleets, in particular for the delivery sector. For example, the deal with Svenska Posten, the Swedish Postal Service, which by the end of the year will have 5,000 Fiat Fiorino 1.3 Multijet vans with Comfort-Matic automatic gearbox. Another 5,000 units will be consigned during the three-year period 2015-2017 to Telecom Italia, while in 2014 700 Fiat Ducatos were consigned to DHL in Italy and 1,300 to the Belgian Postal Service. These are just a few examples: in Europe, Fiat Professional can boast over eighty partners who are leaders in the world of deliveries and postal services, and much more. Outstanding among the many collaborations are those with the Italian, Austrian, Swiss and French Postal Services, with DHL/Deutsche Post, with ENI, and with Coca Cola Iberia.