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october 06, 2015 - Ark Milano

'Notre avenir est dans l’air' at the Alda Levi Antiquarium and in the park of the Roman amphitheatre in Milan

The "Alda Levi" Antiquarium becomes a lab of visions of the future thanks to sixteen contemporary artists. Notre avenir est dans l'air, curated by Fabio Carnaghi presents the various artistic interpretations among vitrines and archeological finds. The exhibition is part of the project Biodiversity by ARK Cultural Property and Contemporary for Expo in città.
Our future is in the air: as the cubist painting that inspires the title, the exhibition breaks up the time in several facets in the name of a new unity. Memory is perturbed by the anxieties and tensions of the present. Fragility, instability, perception of the precariousness of our Planet, consciousness of a change that not coincide with progress.
Site specific installations, sculptures, videos, papers come to life beside the finds. Inside and outside the vitrines, the antiques find their alter ego in the artworks created on purpose for a new synergic sensitivity. This face to face relationship has been empowered by the decision of the Soprintendenza Archeologia della Lombardia to put pieces from judiciary sequestrations at the disposal of the artists.
The artists exhibit new projects and works strictly connected with the referring antiques. Cosmological papers by Simone Pellegrini and utopian architectures by Devis Venturelli; Eva Hide's subversive majolicas and Lorenza Boisi's informal potteries. Cyber anatomies by Maurizio Bongiovanni and the ironic virtual word of Faith Holland; Marjolijn De Wit's "piezographies" and Giovanni De Francesco's sculpture design. Tamara Ferioli's natural jewels and Chiara Lecca's organic vases; Silvia Idili's gothic portraits and the a-chrome fragments by Francesca Longhini. Gianluca Abbate's immaterial fresco and Giulia Berra's science experiments; the archeological glance of Eva Reguzzoni and Lucia Veronesi's visual archives.
Notre avenir est dans l’air
curated by Fabio Carnaghi
Gianluca Abbate, Giulia Berra, Lorenza Boisi, Maurizio Bongiovanni, Tamara Ferioli, Giovanni De Francesco, Eva Hide, Faith Holland, Silvia Idili, Chiara Lecca, Francesca Longhini, Simone Pellegrini, Eva Reguzzoni, Devis Venturelli, Lucia Veronesi, Marjoljin De Wit
10th October – 7th November 2015
Antiquarium Alda Levi, Milano opening and cocktail
10 October 2015, 11,30 am
orari di apertura
Tuesday - Saturday 9,30 am – 2 pm or by appointment (e-mail Free entrance
Notre avenir est dans l'air is an exhibition promoted by MiBAC – Soprintendenza Archeologia della Lombardia and Ark Cultural Property and Contemporary, with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, supported by Touring Club Italiano and the Touring Volunteers for Cultural Heritage, for Expo in Città and Undicesima Giornata AMACI. Thanks to Galleria
Fumagalli and Otto Zoo Contemporary Art Gallery.
“Alda Levi” Antiquarium
The "Alda Levi" Antiquarium collects antiques from the excavations carried out in the area and part of the collection once conserved in Teatro alla Scala museum. The protagonist is the giant Roman amphitheatre, whose remains have been valorised in the park beside the Antiquarium. For the exhibition precious potteries and artifacts from judiciary sequestrations are shown for the first time.
“Alda Levi” Antiquarium Via De Amicis, 17
20123 Milano
 MM2 stop Sant’Ambrogio
Ark Cultural Property and Contemporary, in collaboration with Soprintendenza Archeologica della Lombardia presents Biodiversity, a project to develop an intense dialogue between innovation, conservation and tradition. For Expo in città, the artists are invited to express themselves in armony with the hosting place, to create a new cultural dimension.

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