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The New SEAT CNG Range

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  • SEAT moves forward with its commitment to the environment with the #ibiza TGI, which is more eco-friendly and economical than diesel, petrol and non plug-in hybrid cars
  • CNG is the sustainable alternative to fill the gap between traditional and electric engines
  • Driving on CNG helps to decrease CO2 emissions by 25%
  • SEAT, the company with one of the most comprehensive CNG range, including the Leon, the Mii and the #ibiza. This year, #Seat will also be launching the new Arona TGI 

The best #Seat #ibiza in history is now also the most eco-friendly #ibiza, with the arrival of the brand’s technology for Compressed Natural Gas on the fifth generation of the Spanish carmaker’s best-seller. The new #ibiza TGI is less expensive to run and more eco-friendly than equivalent models fuelled with diesel or petrol, as well as non plug-in hybrids.

This new car, the third CNG model following the Leon and the Mii, is manufactured in the Martorell factory using the MQB A0 platform. #Seat is actively boosting CNG at is contributes to lowering the CO2 emission targets: it emits, on average, 85% less nitrogen oxide and helps decrease CO2 emissions by 25%, and thus contributes improving the air quality of cities.

Cars fuelled with compressed natural gas are a sustainable alternative to fill the gap between traditional and electric engines,  as they represent a strategic support to increase environmental friendliness and are an appealing alternative for customers.

Its operating cost per kilometre is indeed especially low; firstly, because natural gas is more efficient than other fuels as it requires a smaller amount of fuel to produce the same energy, and furthermore, it only costs around 13 euros to fill the tank. This results in a longer driving range and subsequent cost savings per kilometre driven.

The new #Seat #ibiza 1.0 TGI delivers 90 PS performance and an average certified fuel consumption of 3.3 kg/100 km in CNG mode, which is the same as making 3.22 euro investment to drive 100 kilometres.

The total distance that the new #ibiza TGI can cover amounts to 1,194 km when making use of the 13 kg of CNG and the 40 litres of petrol in both fuel tanks.

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