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Roskilde: 5 things you missed Catch up on some highlights you may have missed from the epic Danish party

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Catch up on some highlights you may have missed from the epic Danish party.

1. #icecube loving the fans 

The hall of famer and Straight Outta Compton star chose Roskilde as his only European tour date in 2017. 

He immediately looked happy with his decision, saying ‘this is the craziest crowd I have ever played in front of’. 

The former N.W.A member was one of the biggest name headline artists to take the stage over the weekend, and you wouldn't bet against him returning to do it all over again. 

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2. #lorde throwing shapes on stage

The singer-songwriter from New Zealand is currently one of the most talked about artists on the planet.

Aged just 20 and already onto her second critically acclaimed album, #lorde was a must see for many fans at Roskilde.

She has also gained attention for her unique and signature dancing style, which was on full show while singing songs from her recent Melodrama album that has topped the charts in her home country, Australia and the USA.

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3. Scenes at #guccimane set

American hip-hop artist #guccimane was one of the highlights of Thursday’s schedule on the Avalon stage.

His set quickly had everyone in the tent bouncing, and 24 minutes in when he busted out ‘Black Beatles’, things got a little crazy. 

Fans climbed the tent towers and up the poles, with officials briefly interrupting the gig to tell #people to climb down otherwise it would be cancelled. It seemed to do the trick, with Mane continuing and finishing off the party in fine style.

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4. Royal Blood's secret love 

The ravers at the main Orange Stage didn't need any extra incentive to love Royal Blood’s set on Friday, but they got one anyway. 

Lead vocalist and bass guitarist Mike Kerr dedicated a song to Danish god and footballing legend Peter Schmeichel, announcing the former Manchester United goalkeeper was one of his heroes while growing up. 

Nicknamed ‘The Great Dane’, Schmeichel was born just 25 minutes from Roskilde and helped Denmark win the 1992 European Championships. A single mention of his name was met with rapturous cheers.

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5. Dancing in the rain

Fans make or break any #festival. At Roskilde, they were up for the party. Wet, muddy and cold at times, it didn't stop an electric atmosphere being created. 

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