ottobre 18, 2016 - Red Bull

Award celebrations begin at Red Bull Air Race season finale despite cancellation of Qualifying

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Cancellation of Qualifying for the Red Bull Air Race season finale in #lasvegas, USA on Saturday resulted in the first final result of 2016, as Germany’s #matthiasdolderer was honored with the DHL Fastest Lap Trophy. The pilots are raring to fly, so with improved conditions on Sunday, 2016’s last race will be even more intense than expected.
Las Vegas (USA) – Weather conditions, including high winds and gusts above 30 knots (34 mph / 54.7 kmh), forced the Race Committee to discontinue the Qualifying session of the Red Bull Air Race season finale in #lasvegas, USA on Saturday. “The strong wind and gusts today exceed our ability to conduct the race in a safe manner,” explained Jim DiMatteo, Race Director of the Red Bull Air Race. “We have safe conditions when the wind is not over 30 knots, and we are facing gusts over 30 knots today. Therefore, the Race Committee made the decision to cancel all flying activities today.” Qualifying typically determines the starting order for the Master Class head-to-heads in the Round of 14, and DiMatteo went on to explain that in accordance with the rules, on Race Day the start list for the opening Round of 14 will be based on the World Championship standings. Saturday's Qualifying cancellation couldn’t dull the celebratory mood of the season finale, as guests toured the race hangars, enjoyed hospitality, and cheered Germany’s #matthiasdolderer, who was presented with the first season honor of the weekend: the DHL Fastest Lap Trophy. A component introduced in 2016 that defines a new standard of speed at the Red Bull Air Race, at each stop the DHL Fastest Lap Award was presented to the contender who clocked the fastest single lap in Qualifying, with a DHL Fastest Lap Trophy waiting for the pilot who earned the most awards by the end of the season. In the exceptionally competitive Master Class field, six different pilots were presented with a DHL Fastest Lap Award, but only Dolderer managed to win two, clinching the season trophy.

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