september 22, 2017 - Amer

Amer repowers 94-foot yacht with Volvo Penta D13-IPS1350 for longer cruising range

Prestigious ship-builder #ameryachts is revealing its new 94ft model, repowered with Volvo Penta’s strongest ever IPS, the #d13ips1350. The latest IPS package will enable customers to cruise for longer with enhanced fuel efficiency, while the established IPS hallmarks of providing high top speeds and excellent acceleration will still be manifested.

Following the popularity of the original Amer 94 that was powered by #volvopenta IPS and launched in 2015, the esteemed yacht-maker is building on its success in creating a new model. Details of the new model are being revealed at the Genoa Boat Show, from September 21-26. The Italian brand anticipates that the favorable fuel consumption attained with its other yachts will be surpassed with the new Amer 94. This will be achieved thanks to a twin installation of the latest and most powerful #volvopenta IPS, the #d13ips1350, as well as a redesign of the hull in using lighter materials.

“The new Amer 94 is born from a continuous desire to challenge ourselves,” says Barbara Amerio, owner of #ameryachts. “We want to break the 3.5 liter-per-mile threshold of fuel consumption we have set in the past at a slow cruising speed. We want to build a boat that offers a great deal of choice in allowing customers to navigate for longer periods at low rpm.”

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